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    If you would be so kind to promote my project, I would be so grateful!

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    Hey Muder!

    Here is interesting non-profit project about virtual reality. Actually we are trying to do it literally. There are a lot of VR devices but no appropriate software for live in VR. You can check our crazy ideas here:

    Here is also a short video about central module of VRLD:

    I don't have a personal twitter but should work if you wanna keep in touch. Would like to add you on facebook but don't have one either)

    We just start a project without any coverage so I'm pretty sure we need some help with share. Actually we are already desperate about a project. And I put some sad thoughts here:

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    Hi All
    Hope things are good, Iíve been put in charge of promoting my companies first ever Kickstarter project for an educational childrenís book.

    Iím trying to rally up enough support to ensure the project meets it goal and doesnít get cancelled.

    I was hoping you could take a look and help in any way. If you could Iíd be more than happy to feature your name in the book as a special thanks in the book.

    Thanks for your time.

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    I am making a RPG video game. its going to be great once it's finished... thanks for your help if you decide to help.

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    Hello, we are SOCA (it means "Eyes" in bahasa), the reason we chose this name is because we believe that the eye is a window to the soul.

    We are a team with passion for travelling whilst documenting the locals' point of view.

    Be part of this intimate film project, which is recounted by inhabitants of Sorong, Papua.

    We're planning to go to Sorong, the city of West Papua, a land that is well surrounded by mountains, hills, and protected forests. The word "Sorong" itself means "deep and turbulent sea" in the local Soreri Language. The location itself is quiet unique, if you get a map, you can see that Sorong is located at the beak of Papua's bird head peninsula which also serves as the departure point to Raja Ampat, the nirvana for divers. Other than a gateway, Sorong also serves as an important port in West Papua.

    In the first episode of the documentary, we want to make a 40 minutes reportage on Sorong, Papua from the eyes of it's inhabitants with a combination of Sorong & Raja Ampat travel information. Our scenes includes shooting their day to day life activity, their views, and an intimate person-to-person interview on their ambition. The topic we choose for the interview is the way they live in one of the many beautiful island in Indonesia, since Sorong and specifically Raja Ampat is one of the growing tourism spots rich in culture with beautiful sceneries.

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    Hi Muder, I like the honesty in your post. Unfortunately I see I am too late to support your "underthedarksun" project. I love comics :-)....perhaps next time if you plan a campaign, let me know. Thanks.

    You are from Austria and love Comics, so I guess you are also in need of some good coffee, right? We are currently running a project to introduce the fascinating world of Vietnamese Coffee. I'd appreciate your help, if you could have a look and perhaps share the project, that would be terrific :-)

    Thanks and all the best....

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    I have two things going...

    One is a fund to try to get custody of my children from their mother who if running from the law with them. They are in an abusive and dangerous situation.

    The other is I'm looking for funding to write, publish, and putting a book on how to deal with the kids of a child from a father's point of view, and how it affects your life.

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    Hi, I'd appreciate your help with my project! Riley Loves Robotics is an educational children's storybook about STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) and Girl Power. It's my passion to help girls and boys learn that it's not unusual for girls to be good at STEAM.

    Here's the link:

    Thank you!

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