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    Lightbulb Patreon would work well after Kickstarter

    Hey everyone,

    I had a thought that I believe may work for several projects. After a Kickstarter project has been successfully funded and the project is completed, the company/group can place their project up on Patreon. However the patreon page would not simply be a copy and paste of the Kickstarter project. Because you can set up monthly funding by patrons, you can cater the page to the stretch goals that weren't met (if applicable) and/or focus on bugs/errors and updates.

    I will most likely attempt this.

    Azmara coming soon to Kickstarter (updating page!)

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    I'm thinking about doing this too. I just started my Kickstarter campaign the other day, but I've looked into Patreon and it seems like a great way to continue funding my projects once I've gotten my head start.

    My Nerdy Alphabet Book Series, now on Kickstarter

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    I think that's a cool idea if you will be creating some kind of product (show/blogpost/etc) regularly that you can share with backers. Otherwise, a pre-order button may be better on your website.
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    Is it like Crowd Supply where the campaign turns into an eCommerce operation when it ends?

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    I think it's great to make a patreon account and campaign about your project... I see so many people can did their project more better than they think because funds from patron, and after i see you said about how concern patreon about bugging and errors, i became more confident...

    see you all at patreon

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    This is a pretty good idea. the initial kickstarter would initiate the project, and then patreon can keep it going. they seem to work well in tandem.

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    Me and my team were thinking about the same. How many crowdfunding platforms could be reached with one awesome project actually?

    Check it out:

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    Hi guys,

    I'm UX design student, currently doing a UX project on crowdfunding, particularly comparing between one-time backer (Kickstarter) & subscription model (Patreon). This thread looks like a perfect example and I would like to talk more with you guys for our research purpose.

    If it's alright, I hope you can assist me with these questions...

    - Why did you use Kickstarter in the first place?

    - Would you use Kickstarter if there's a subscription model like Patreon?

    - What is your biggest pain points when using the sites (Kickstarter & Patreon)?

    - If you could add something in Kickstarter, what would it be?

    Thanks heaps for your help!

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    This is a pretty good idea. the initial kickstarter would initiate the project, and then patreon can keep it going.

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    Really good information and interesting idea I wanted to make a patreon account, but right now working on kikstarter project.

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