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    This is a very interesting article, well written. I think what Cristina is trying to highlight is true, but also not surprising: every growth curve describing a new phenomenon has its plateau. It is a bit scary, but I think it's normal.

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    Is it possible to connect with Indiegogo if you have a project on Kickstarter?

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    I feel its so much more of a luck gamecompared to before. If the right person or blogger sees it vs the platform it is on vs the products niche vs if your project will make the platform homepage . Before it was just one or two sites and people knew where to look as opposed to the over saturation thats happening now.

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    I don't feel like it is slowing down, I see kickstarter stuff everywhere. I see it getting bigger every year. Just my 2 cents...

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    Well this makes sense due to how many crowdfunding platforms are out there today...

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    There's definitely a lot of new crowdfunding platforms arising. One that seems to be gaining some good traction is HeadFunder

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    More and more people learn about crowdfunding everyday. I don't think it will slowdown a lot.

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    I guess it's a normal effect of business cycle's life. Also new Crowdfunding models were born and they are not included in kickstarter so obviously they can't satisfy the entire market. Moreover new platforms are launching so kickstarter has to deal with more competitors then the past.

    ONGOING: The social media impact on Crowdfunding campaign's success



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    As far as I see it a lot of kickstarters just cash in and leave people hanging with the "work in progress" tag.

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    Such a high rate of growth can't continue forever.

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