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    Cool this is my new indiegogo project

    Not going according to plan Any hints from you guys ?

    The Extreme Workstation Toolbox

    The Extreme Workstation Toolbox starts off where the original stopped.

    Focusing on inspiration, the Extreme Workstation Toolbox is the ultimate solution for any car workshop or any other business, for that mater. This bench will help bring your business into the 21st Century.

    With our Extreme Workstation you will have all your charts, tables, testing software , internet and all the tools you may need, in one place.

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    Hey friend I am sharing some tips to become your indiegogo project successful.
    Make a good story of your project, get active on social media, create good infographics and videos and last and main thing is communicate honestly with backers.

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    Make sure you include a picture of your team, it's very important.

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    Try to keep your artwork more in the same type of design

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