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    What is the Size of the Crowdfunding Industry?

    Ever since the first crowdfunding platforms launched in the early-to-mid 2000s, the crowdfunding industry has seen some enormous growth. If you factor in all of the different types of crowdfunding, the industries that crowdfunding has affected, and the fact that new platforms are launching around the world each year

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    Interesting information, I'd like to know what the latest 2016 figures are and even the first quarter of 2017 would be awesome!
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    I found this article to be an interesting read: What is the Size of the Crowdfunding Industry?. This article explains some of the primary difficulties of measuring the size of the crowdfunding industry and some of the implications of the measurable growth trends. Overall crowdfunding is a large and growing industry. Through my work with a white label crowdfunding SaaS company, I have had the opportunity to see many new and interesting crowdfunding platforms being launched and fulfilling different needs for certain industries and niches.

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    I also want to know about it. Tks.

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    Awesome very useful information thanks for sharing.

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    Wanna help me build my own app

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    Đy l một cu hỏi tuyệt vời. Thanks ad

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