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    A fun childrens book utilizing invisible ink and a magic wand to interact

    I've spent the last few years working out the details (and up the courage) to make the push to get a proper book published from my idea. This is me going for it. Comments welcome, layouts from a graphic artist to start this weekend. Any and all comments welcome.

    Magic School

    History: A few years ago I wanted to do something for my sons third birthday that was completely different from anything he had. I always loved special toys growing up. I sat down and spent a lot of my spare time working on a custom childrens book. Unfortunately parents with a 2 year old know that there isn't much spare time, and the book didn't progress well.
    A few weeks later after work I happened to see my hands under a black-light. All different colors and shades. I know I had been working with some UV security marking powder, but I never imagined there was that much of it. I went home and read everything on UV I could find. I then ordered half a dozen different models of UV lights, from spot lights to tiny UV Led lights. I began to mix inks and juices and pretty much anything non toxic I could find until I had a good quality invisible ink. I ended up finishing the book with rubber stamps, stencils, and invisible ink as an adventure book where my son would have to use a UV light (fashioned into a magic wand), to interact. When I saw the smile on my sons face when he got to read the book I knew I had finally made a gift worthy of being called ‘special’.

    So I am doing a kickstarter for funding to be able to properly get my ideas made into books/ games so that others may enjoy them.

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    I am going to share this post on the group.

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