Hi guys,

I'm glad to announce that the Lotus Flower's Power Kickstarter‬ campaign has been successfully funded! kck.st/1EEmQSW

Thanks to our backers we are going to increase our production of eco-friendly lotus fabric and recruit 5 spinners and 1 weaver! To make your exclusive rewards we need around 200 000 lotus stems (around 15 tones!) and the same number of flowers, pistils and seeds…

That we will transform in unique gifts for our backers!

You still have 17 HOURS to pledge for any of our rewards and receive these special gifts!


Every backers will receive for free one tea packet of lotus flower, one natural lotus pistils soap and one Mala lotus seeds bracelet!

We would not have been able to fulfil our dream without your continuous help and strong support.

Thank you for you support!
‎Samatoa‬'s Team