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    Great read, thank you! We recently launched our campaign and found that the fact that we had a community established before our launch was incredibly helpful to get the ball rolling.

    We have found the PR side to be a bit of a challenge and will definitely be using some of the resources that you listed in your article.

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    Thank you! Liked the link! I'm actually running my own campaign and it is very useful!

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    I think it can be tough to really understand what communities will suite your project the best. Do you have any thoughts on the best way to find your target audience?

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    I think the best way to find those audiences is social networking through whatever your audience's preferred platform is. The best way to do that is trying your content on various sites and seeing where it sticks the most.

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    Really helpful, thanks!

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    What do you suggest are some good marketing tips.

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    Has anyone tried both indiegogoand kickstarter? Is either one better than the other?

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    I think kickstarter gets more traffic, but i have seen failed kickstarters be successful on indiegogo and vise versa.

    I'm starting to think the main key is marketing months before your campaign is ready to launch.

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    Thank you for those advises !

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    aye cheers, plenty to ponder in trying to turn my campaign around haha

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