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    Quote Originally Posted by AprendeApps View Post

    AprendeApps is launching a new funding campaign about our mobile apps and websites builders platform. Almost a year ago we finally achieved our dream of launching a platform so that everyone can easily and affordably create both mobile apps and web pages.

    Our new funding campaign is based on the request of many people for a new opportunity to finance our project in order to obtain user accounts and help us improve and enhance the tools we have already developed. In addition to all this we are going to start a series of questionnaires aimed at deciding among all the users of the community new tools and functionalities to implement in the platform that will be made thanks to this new round of financing.

    Help us to grow our platform even more and be part of something great!
    Hi thanks for sharing! are you on Twitter and Instagram?

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    The fantastic novel created by a young Ukrainian dreamer.
    Feldmarshal novel will allow you to be at the source of the most protracted military and political conflict in the history of the Order to Die universe. The novel will acquaint you with the cause of the beginning of the war between the Tarkan Empire and Anit Theocracy. It will tell you about the nature of the creatures origin, and about the fall of the Empire Mainstay the planet Bastion.

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    Hi MikeA!

    I would love to share our Lovecraftian short film project with you, if you are still taking submissions! Any advice you might have about bringing backers to our campaign would be hugely appreciated - we're 35% funded and halfway to our deadline. Please do tell us what you think!

    Our project is a short film adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's Dagon, a cosmic horror story about a serviceman of the Great War, and his journey beyond time and place to a realm unknown to humankind.

    Links to our existing social media:

    Thank you for your help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeA View Post
    Hi thanks for sharing! are you on Twitter and Instagram?
    Yes, you can find us as AprendeApps on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks!
    AprendeApps: Hidden Content

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    I will going tweeter.

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    Just launched our first Kickstarter. Any advice/exposure would be appreciated!

    This image tells it all!

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