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    The answer to this question can be quite lengthy, so I am going to do my best to simplify it. To be successful with your crowdfunding campaign reverse-engineer it. Start with your desired goal, look at the average amount your campaign is designed around and calculate how large of a crowd you are going to need. Then bring the crowd into the conversation as early as possible (ideally long before launch but since you are already live, as soon as possible). The crowd makes the funding successful.

    Since you already launched a campaign that is not hitting the mark, I recommend terminating the active campaign to reboot and relaunch once you have done more prep work to identify and engage your core audiences before your next launch. Good luck!

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    I've definitely seen more activity when I post an update to my campaign, but I also don't want to tire out my backers. How often you usually wait between updates?

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    Thanks for sharing and this is great tips.
    I hope I can make a good video.

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    Thank you for such a 'to-the-point' informative post. Well done!

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