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    Interesting. I spoke to a third party consultant who said that his business could promote our campaign for a small fee - something like $175/for two days promotion. I didn't go with his offer, but wondered if it would have helped.

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    Wish this would give more insight from a brand new crowdfunder with no budget

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    This is a very good story. Those who are new to crowdfunding might find it a little hard to do, but in the end, should they give the effort, it can be a successful campaign.

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    The article is indeed helpful for a starter. Thanks.

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    Hey man,

    Nice work there!
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    The best way to draw attention to a crowdfunding campaign is by following and knowing these tips:
    Each project is going to attract a unique audience. When creating your post or adding an update, be sure to create your content in a manner that is going to entice that target audience you are looking for.
    Participate in discussion communities where your target audience hangs out. The best part is that many of these communities donít cost anything to participate in.
    Use social media and personal social networking sites to get that word of mouth advertising flowing.
    Add graphics and videos when possible to enhance interest in your project. Sites like YouTube are a gold mine for getting exposure.
    Find a blog where you can write a guest blog to discuss your project and link that to your post on Rock The Post.
    Use your email to market your project and draw traffic to your post.
    Get active on social bookmarking sites.
    Stay active. The minute you let your post just sit there without working to promote it is the time that your project loses its momentum.

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    Thanks for the article! It seems super helpful!

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    Very helpful, thanks a lot

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