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    3 Tips to Boost Your NonProfit Crowdfunding Campaign

    As crowdfunding becomes more popular, non-profits and charities have come to realize that there is new tool out there to raise funds from existing and potential donors.

    Through crowdfunding, a nonprofit can expose themselves to a wider audience and get the tools needed to spread their message through social media.

    Still, sometimes launching a crowdfunding campaign online still isnít enough. There also needs to be grassroots efforts in the trenches.

    Nonprofits that are serious about raising funds and attracting donors should consider hosting special events to really kick off the fundraising campaign.

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    I see a recurring theme that grassroot campaigns are essential to the success of a crowdfunding campaign. is that a fair assessment?
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    You either need a product that has a number of people willing to pay for it (obvious) or a compelling story that makes people want to see your product, or you, succeed (less obvious). Ideally both.

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    Nonprofit crowdfunding is the perfect fundraiser for organizations because it’s cost-effective and simple to create, and it helps nonprofits build awareness for their cause.

    With so many organizations creating crowdfunding campaigns, it’s especially important for nonprofits to create a campaign that’s a cut above the rest.

    In addition, organizations need to market their campaign from start to finish so that they can continue to receive donations even after the initial buzz dies down.

    That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five expert tips to help you promote your crowdfunding campaign:

    Encourage mobile donations.
    Build a killer crowdfunding page.
    Create an event tied to your crowdfunding campaign.
    Post crowdfunding updates frequently.
    Track your crowdfunding progress

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