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    Quote Originally Posted by justiceforrosalessiblings View Post
    If the project is for charity, what would seem to be a good "perk" for every donation?
    Quite often perks are offered in reward based campaigns, rather than charity based projects.

    An email of thanks for a donation can be given, something like that, but no need to be giving financial perks, as that kind of defeats the object.

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    depends on the situation every ones is different

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    Thank you for the useful tips, I think they will come in handy for our campaign!

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    Guys I had found interesting comment about successful sturups! And what to expect then!
    What it means is that, if they are successful, you will get your reward. However, "successful" is not just raising the money - it's also other things that can happen. What if the price they got quoted ends up getting changed? Now they don't have enough money to do what they wanted. What if one of their dev team leaves over a dispute and they end up in limbo for six months? What if they face legal action and have to shut down? A lot can happen. And if it does happen, they have no legal responsibility to pay you back or give you the watch - they will simply declare that they don't have the money.
    I've supported a number of Kickstarters. Most have given me what I asked for in the end, although often after MUCH longer than they said they would (one took 3 years instead of 1, for example, and I'm still waiting on several that were due to be delivered in 2015). A few have not delivered, even though they took my money. But I went into it knowing that was a risk, and I've mostly been happy with my investments.

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    Smartening up your pocketbook: Wallor Wearables launch connected wallet to protect from contactless theft

    Tuesday, 29th November: Wallor Wearables, the luxury connected brand, has today announced the launch its new smart, handcrafted wallet range for the modern man.

    The ‘Wallor’, which is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, includes in-built Bluetooth and GPS functionality coupled with automatic push notifications to ensure users never forget their wallets again. Tap your wallet twice, and users can also locate misplaced phones.

    Made of the highest-quality leather and RFID blocking material, Wallor also protects from contactless card ‘skimming’ – a growing concern in the US as associated fraud rose from $516,500 in the first six months of 2015 to $2.9 million in the same period this year.

    Keen to keep the bulk down, however, Wallor boasts the slimmest wallet on the market at only 6.5mm thickness. The wallet is also accompanied by a ‘Fidelity App’, enabling users to register loyalty cards and lighten the load.

    Viorel Cretu, CEO at Wallor Wearables said: “If you speak to men about their wallets, you’ll often hear complaints of poor, uninspiring and bulky designs that only just squeeze into pockets. We wanted to go beyond simple functionality, and combine the best in luxury and technology to create an elegant solution. After all, we use our wallets every day – why shouldn’t they be comfortable and practical?”

    The Wallor range comes in a selection of nine colours and three designs. For further information, please visit Wallor - The slim wallet combining luxury and technology

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    Thanks for sharing. I am trying to improve my kickstarter. Your article is big help for me...

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    Very interesting!

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    I am doing a project in crowdfunding. They are working well. Never think about the factors or rules for the successful funding thanks for giving your advice with us.

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    Thank you for the useful links!

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    Yes! Thank you for the helpful links!

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