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    Thanks for the 3 ways,

    It seem quite interesting in reading

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor Jack View Post
    For an increasing number of startups, crowdfunding is a way to get their companies off the ground when traditional avenues, such as a bank loan, are not an option.

    Read full article here:

    Good article shared thank you

    Who knew that one day internet will be used to raise funds for your non profit cause or for the ones in need. Online crowdfunding / fundraising became popular in year 2010 since then the online crowdfunding industry has gained a momentum and have multiplied to many folds by 2019 it is expected to reach a whooping $4 Bn industry.

    See article in detail --
    Cloud based apps development company

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    Nice article, thank you.
    Some good points made which help clarify things.

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    Good article. All the points are important especially 2nd and 3rd.
    “Every successful crowdfunding campaign has an immediate first-degree network that jumps into that campaign,”
    -Not doubt in this point. Also giving cool perks to the investors are always better idea.

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    Very interesting and very true, but sometimes you think you have all that and maybe the truth is that you don't.

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