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    Thank you for sharing!

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    Check Kickstarter, Indiegogo etc. sites. You need to study how successful or funded campaigns present their work or efforts. You will get an idea how you can work on presenting your app idea on the platforms. You can reach out to people through social media and ask them support your campaigns. Present in such a way that people are compelled to share your idea to their network and thus make it viral.

    So more the views of your campaign, more people will know about it and some of them will support your campaign. Also check what reviews you are getting for your idea and decide your strategy accordingly.

    I see successful campaigns, I find some common things :

    Entrepreneurs are tremendously enthusiastic about their product / idea
    They present their ideas creatively
    Tremendous hard work
    Strategy for growing views and get funded
    Step-wise improvisations
    Simple explanation of working.
    Clearly indicating what contributors will get
    Updating work progress and further plans.

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    1. An intriguing, clear story. One reason that people give you money is because your story touches people, so you need to be able to express very clearly what you are trying to do and why it is significant.
    2. An existing network. The process of crowdfunding depends on trust and reputation, so you'll need a core inner group to vouch for you and and help spread the word.
    3. Cool perks. In exchange for their money, you'll need to offer investors a reward, whether it's a sample, the ability to vote on how a product is designed, or an opportunity to get early access to a product or service before it hits the regular markets.

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    It's a very useful topic and it was so interesting to read about the other's experience and advice.
    But you should also foresee some risks:
    - Fraud risk. The anonymity created by the online aspect of these industries increases the risk, the report says.
    - Risk of cyberattack. The online nature of crowdfunding makes this a risk.

    But there are a lot of tools that can prevent these risks.

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