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    How to do an equity crowdfunding campaign using Reg A+

    Getting investment form an angel or venture capital firm isn’t the only way to raise money for your startup company.

    You can now take advantage of Regulation A+, an improved securities regulation that allows startups to raise up to $50 million in capital from accredited and non-accredited investors.

    This is a big step forward. Previously, you’d only be able to obtain funding from high net worth individuals, also known as angels or accredited investors.

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    One of the most successful RegA+ campaigns to date was the Elio Motors electric car offering. They did tons of marketing - including in person Meet up events at which they shared the prototype of their car. They had a very successful Testing the Waters initial campaign and ended up converting just under half of those that expressed interest into actual shareholders. Of all the Jobs Act new regulations, RegA+ is one of my favorite as a way to raise capital.

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