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    My Review of Krowdster - Is it worth the money?

    Hi All,

    After reading so much negative stuff about crowdfunding promotion on social media, I wanted to share my experience with Krowdster and their Crowd Builder tool with the community. I am a mechanical engineer by trade, my partners and I have been working on a revolutionary 3D printer concept for a while now and want to launch a Kickstarter early next year. We need the funding to take our prototype to production stage. I have a personal Facebook page but never used Facebook or Twitter for that matter to promote our invention.

    A couple of weeks ago, during my research, I came across Krowdster and their Crowd Builder offering which seemed quite attractive as I don't have the time and knowledge to grow my Twitter audience manually. Since they offered a free trial I figured it cannot hurt to give it a shot and I am happy to say the results have been pleasing so far. When I started out, my Twitter account had around 160 or so randomly acquired followers since I created the account in 2011. Nothing that would get us even close to our funding goal, according to Krowdster's social capital gauge. So I went ahead and set up our Crowd Builder account, targeting the 3d printing space.

    My promotion wasn't even running for two days and I get an intro from my campaign manager Zoran, who was very helpful in optimizing my campaign and adding some targeted hashtags that I had missed. We set up a total of 20 search terms and a few days later removed those that weren't performing well. My account is now running with 9 search terms pretty much on autopilot and gets me around 30-60 new followers per day. I also get quite a lot of engagement and retweets which is promising.

    It looks like we'll have to run this for the next 3-4 months to get to the number of followers we need but I figure if we end up with 5-6000 targeted followers, paying $69 per month, we still get a much better deal as opposed to paying Twitter for followers or hiring a PR agency.

    Here's a screenshot of my Crowd Builder stats, I will keep you updated regarding my progress on Twitter.

    Would love to hear from others how they are doing.

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    Nice results! I've been using it too and it's been working very well for me. My follow back rate is over 10% My Twitter is @llesleythomas let's follow each other!


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    Thanks for the shoutout guys!

    I am super stoked to see that you're both achieving solid results. Lesley, your follow back rate of over 10% is amazing, keep up the great job and let me know if there's anything we can do to help.

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    Thanks Josef, you and your team are doing a great job Can you build something similar for Facebook?


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    Something like this for Facebook would be awesome! I'd also love to see tweet scheduling capabilities.


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    Hey Zach,

    Facebook is a whole different beast but we do have some exciting new features in the pipeline and scheduling messages is one of them.

    All the best, Josef

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    Congrats with Krowdster. It looks interesting. Would be great if could work with FB and Instagram too

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    I got a couple of retweets from Krowdster..=)..I wish I would had looked into their services earlier in my Campaign.

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    I liked krowdster because it helped me gain real twitter followers not bots. I am also using the media lists.

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    I have been using Krowdster for exactly one month as of yesterday and wanted to share my latest stats for my Twitter account.

    Followers gained in past 30 days: 1507
    Overall follow back ratio: 10.36%
    Best performing search term: #horror #movie at 13.76 follow back rate - yayy!!!

    The engagement with new followers has been very good. We're pleased with the results and will start promoting two additional team member"s Twitter accounts to get even more exposure.

    It's not an overnight silver bullet kinda thing but it definitely works.

    HINT!!>> I originally signed up under the 10 day free trial plan that rebills at $69 but I just saw that they've changed their pricing options. I was better off to cancel that subscription and resubscribe under the cheaper $49 plan. 20 bucks saved right there... just saying...


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