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    Quick question, are you looking for followers or backers?

    My feeling is followers value is 0. If they don't interact with you, RT you, have a high follower rate...then what's the point?

    You know you can buy related followers on something like Fiverr?
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    I wanted to chime in here and share my experience with Krowdster and mainly their customer service.

    When I first signed up for their service I was under the impression that it was a one time fee. As I checked my credit card statement I noticed they charged me a second time about 3 days ago so I quickly got in contact with their customer service rep and asked how I can cancel my account so that I don't get charged more and asked for a refund for their last charge. They simply replied sticking to their "contract" and not caring about their customers what so ever. I pleaded with them but they simply did not care about their customers.

    After I let the public know about how horrible their customer service is on a couple facebook groups their owner, Josef Holm, sent me the following email:

    Instead of taking care of their customer, their owner threatens legal action... This clearly has to go down in history books as the worst customer service ever!

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