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    Exclamation Founding for a new "Design" computer! (not gaming computer)

    Short description:
    Founding for a decent PC for editing and using AAE (Adobe After Effects) and PS (PhotoShop)!

    Goal: $800 USD

    Main info:
    I am rising funds to buy a new PC which will be able to handle both AAE (Adobe After Effect) and PS (PhotoShop). Currently I have an old laptop which can run AAE and PS but only PS can export the finished results as my laptop is a bit slower for AAE (takes around 2 hours to render out 5 minutes of video and it takes up 80 GB which is not convenient for someone with 200GB HDD)

    The new PC I am aiming for will probably include next parts:

    CPU AMD FX-8320 (did a bit of a research and even thou intel CPU-s are better for AAE and PS I need to go with cheaper one which is similar to intels CPU)
    MOBO Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P ( MOBO good all around for gaming and heavy rendering as well)
    GPU Zotac GTX 970 (good when it comes to game recording and playing at decent FPS in a games like Starbound, Terraria, Fallout 4 and similar)
    RAM Crucial Ballistix 8GB (professional AAE users recommend at least 16 GBs of RAM but since I am going with "budget" build I will take 8)
    HDD Seagate 1 TB (1 TB should be enough for projects and files)
    SSD SanDisk Extreme PRO 240GB (this is where all programs would be installed so they run fast and smooth)
    CASE Thermaltake Versa H22 (might change in future)
    PSU FirePower ZT 550W (PSU capable of handling all of this together)

    Optional parts(those are not the one I really need so that is why they are optional parts):

    THRM EGC High-Performance 4g
    MOUSE EGC StealthONE Gaming Mouse
    MPAD EGC Monster Mouse Pad
    ODD Samsung 24x SATA

    Link to the IndieGoGO page:

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    god bbless u too! I hope you get all you heart want life and get well soon.. I don't help you cause I need help to but I will pray

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