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    Btc Panda - peer to peer crowdfunding platform

    Hello Every one

    I just Found this btc panda which can be use to fund any project
    this btc panda is a new kind of crowdfunding platform
    To Be able to Get Help one must provide Help First.

    The amount he can Get Help is the total of his/her provided Help Plus the 1% Daily increase of the provided help.

    BTC Panda is the brainchild of a handful of people wanting to free themselves up and the rest of the world from being financial ponies of the Mercantile World. Little did they know that same goal is to be achieved by the rest of us. This group of people shared their expertise and BTC Panda was made. They envisioned a future of a community where people helps each other all thru and in BTC. They believe The Bitcoin Technology will bring forth equality.

    Equipped with an IT Expert, Marketing Guru and Bitcoin Enthusiasts, these group of people created the Platform, the compensation plan and the rules…

    Crowdfunding is the heart of the community, the mind is the Bitcoin Technology. If you are familiar with Kickstarter, that is crowndfunding.

    Crowdfunding is the common core of banks and the likes. In simpler terms, it is the pooling of financial assets of a certain number of people and equally giving each contributor a rightful share on that financial asset pool depending heavily on his/her contribution be it expertise or funds. That is why BTC Panda created a compensation plan. To reward those with few funds but with bigger dreams and action plans.

    The PERKS

    Being a Member of BTC Panda Community, you are entitled to the following perks and privileges.

    As a member of the community, any BTC that you contribute or provide (PH or Provided Help) will incur 1% per day all thru and in BTC.

    The maximum number of BTC you can contribute as a beginner is upto 15 BTCs only. The same will be locked with the first 15 days and can only be withdrawn on the 16th day onwards. The lock down for 15 days is needed for the algorithm to match your Provided Help to those who are Getting Help.

    Pins are needed before you can make any kind of transaction within the community. As you notice, with a certain amount of BTC, before you will be given a chance to receive 1% daily, you will need to purchase Pins and the same contribution is reserved for the community’s expenses. So prior to rewarding anyone, all the factors to consider to run the platform smoothly has been taken care of.


    I. How to start becoming a member of BTC Panda? Its easy!

    1. Registration. Click this link:

    2. Log in to your BTCPanda Member Account.

    3. Authenticate. - Upload your Proof of Identity ( Any Government Issued ID), if can, take a picture of the ID while you hold
    it near your face.

    Add a mobile number with your country code for there will be OTP (Over the Phone) Authentication for any withdrawal or transfers inside your account.

    4. Add Pins. - Click on My Pins > Click on BUY > Then Put your desired number of Pins on the field.

    The BTC Address to whom you will send the payment will be provided. Copy the address and the total number of Bitcoin/s needed. Send the payment. Make sure you have the right amount of Pins needed for your Provide Help amount in BTC before you PH.

    Once you have funds in your wallet and the right amount of pins, you are good to go!

    5. Add Funds. - Go to your Dashboard > Click on My Wallet > Copy your private wallet address for you to fund in your BTCs. You can also click on the wallet address and a QR Code will appear. You can use the same in funding your account.

    Transaction needs to be confirmed at least by 3 nodes of Miners ( You really don’t need to worry cause this is the magic of Bitcoin, it happens in the background, this is decentralization in the truest sense of the word).
    To know if you can start helping the community, Click on the ‘Sync Wallet with Blockchain’ and your Available Balance will update. Once your desired number of BTC/s on the Available Balance. you are all set.

    6. Provide Help (PH) - Put an amount you are willing to give to the community. Do remember, when you give, you should not expect that it is mandatory that there will be something in return. BUT with BTC Panda, when you are the one in need, the whole community will definitely find one to help you.

    Click on SUBMIT. Your daily profit will start right away.

    II. How to Withdraw my Rewards and Earnings in BTC Panda? As what members of this platform says…Its a Breeze…

    Step 1 - Login to your dashboard.

    Step 2 - Click on Provide Help. - In your Provide Help screen, you will see Take Profit Options. These are your Passive rewards from the community. You will have two options, Take just the profit or Take your capital and the Profit. You are also notified how many days you have had an active Provide help in the Community Pool. This number of days become the basis of your daily rewards. Click on the ‘Help Receiver’s List’ and you will see the usernames of the people in the community that you have helped

    Click on Take Profit, should you have decided which on, then you are good to go.

    3. Click on Get Help. - There will be a pop-up window notifying members that when you Get Help, since we are using Blockchain, the amount of our Get Help might be different from the amount we will receive. This is due to Blockchain Fee of 0.0001 BTC per any transaction.

    Please note.

    Once you click on Get Help, you will see in the screen that you have 3 options.

    The Blue one is for your Direct Referral Bonus which accumulates overtime your direct referrals Provide Help to the community with varied percentages.

    The Green one is your Manager’s Bonus, accumulated over the activity of your network under your lead.

    The Pink one is your Daily reward of 1% accumulated over the number of days. Do note that the max number of days is 90.

    Once reached, you will need to take out everything or RePH so you will have another set of Active Help ongoing in your account.

    4. Click on GH and wait for your withdrawal.

    You will see at the bottom of the page if your GH is already given. Please note the following duration for each type of Get Help Requests.

    Blue One and Green One will take 2-3 days. Sometimes with 24 hours. This is because these are the rewards one get for actively participating in the community.

    Pink One will take 3-5 days. Since its the least of the priority for having been accumulated passively.

    P.S. Always do your due diligence and invest at your own risk. As per experience,

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    This is a great concept! I will definitely check it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uscgrad View Post
    This is a great concept! I will definitely check it out.
    Create your Free account Here...
    Click this link:

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    thank you, I will definitely check it out.

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