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    Unique tool to improve crowdfunding

    Hello guys.

    Recently I've launched new public chat on Viber - Crowdfunding. For the next few weeks, I'll be adding new participants: gurus enthusiasts and successful campaigners. If you are going to run your own campaign to fund your idea or product, or if you are just interested in crowdfunding techniques, tips, tricks, projects and trends – we are going to chat about everything related to crowdfunding. You can take your seats already and we are going to start soon. Find us under Public Chats tab on Viber, just enter – Crowdfunding (or relevant words), or click on the link below and scan QR code.

    Our goal is to improve average quality of crowdfunding campaigns. It’s always hard to start something new, so we need your help and maybe it will help you someday to crowdfund your dream.

    If you think, that you have enough knowledge and experience in crowdfunding, please contact me and we will discuss your participation.

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    I don't have any experience at all at crowd funding, but I'm learning and I'm excited to see where it takes me. I'm currently just trying to raise money to sustain life and rid myself of a tumor in my leg. You should check it out. Maybe you can teach me some things too!

    Edit to remove link, not the right place.

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    Very interesting, going to have to check this out. Really need to get our new indiegogo campaign moving. its quite slow at the moment especially for what were offering!

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    I clicked on the link, but I needed to install viber on my phone as well. It was too many steps for me to take, but interested to know if it might be worth my effort to install Viber. Seems great for those people who already use it.

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    This sounds very interesting, where is the link? Really need to get our new Kickstarter campaign moving.

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    Before Starting any crowdfunding campaign we need to find out few important things that will help us to gain maximum exposure with less efforts. First create list of things that will need to start a project.

    Narrow audience with proper targeting (Include locations and Customers)
    Competitor analysis and follow up their activities.
    Budgeting for online and offline campaigns with proper keywords.
    Other marketing activities like distributing flyers, handouts etc.
    Writing exceptionally good selling pitch.
    Try to make relevant videos to attract more customers.
    Spread product photos and ask people to give some reviews

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    Great idea. I wish someone would setup a Telegram Channel for crowdfunding fanatics.

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