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    The naked pixel fine art nudes on kickstarter

    Hey there and thanks for checking out my post~
    We have launched another fine art nudes campaign on kickstarter, we have already met our goal so this will be our 13th successful nude modeling campaign :-). However we are still trying to generate more interest and raise more funds so please have a look at our campaign at this link. And contribute or spread the word if you can.

    We also wanted to mention that we have launched a campaign on paytreon As well, you can find that campaign at this link Roping to generate some interest there as well.

    Thanks for your time and thanks for checking out our post and campaigns.

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    This post has been moved to the Patreon - Subscription Crowdfunding section.

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    Trying to find the project and cant find it anywhere?

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    This is in the wrong place and has no link to it's new placement.

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    The links in the opening post still work.

    Please note, however, the comment on the project page -

    Thanks for all your support
    This patreon has come to an end guys.. I've noticed some of you are still contributing to this campaign, be sure to cancel your subscription to this account.. Thanks for all your support

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