Myself and my team have an interesting new model which allows us to break out of the limitations of operating in a single economic environment. Our lenders are from the first world, and our borrowers are from the third world. A number of third/second world countries are growing economically 3, 4 or 5 times faster than the first world, and the benchmark interest rates of each country reflect that. This opens up a giant margin for us to work with, enabling us to offer massively competitive interest returns for first world users (our best product with a coupon is 11.5% yearly on your deposit) and extremely affordable loans to people of the developing countries we operate in (currently Dominican Republic, where the 50% of people who have no bank accounts currently resort to illegal loan sharks to get credit).

I wanted to drop this brief summary here, where I know I should be able to find some intelligent feedback on our idea.

Check out our crowdfunding page here with a video:

Let me know if we're onto something.


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