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    Smile EliteNote for Windows 10 now in beta. Check out the KickStarter!


    I just recently launched a productivity note-taking app for Windows 10 called EliteNote. It is currently available on PCs and tablet devices as a beta app (HINT: there is a trial version available), and with the right amount of funding I can successfully get it out of beta, and then very soon after onto Windows Phone. Based on the success of the app, I absolutely CANNOT skip bringing it to Android and iOS devices. That would be around December/January, though.

    I have a KickStarter going, but it hasn't really generated any views so far. I'm learning that it probably has much to do with my ignorance to launching a campaign, and also due to the fact that it's harder to get people to back an app. But I also hear that once people start backing a project it is much easier for it to get going and take off. If nothing else, however, I can surely use the any potential exposure from just having the project up.

    Have a look at the KickStarter. Thanks! :]

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    Good! will see that in future.

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    It's looking good. What makes it different from the major note taking apps?

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    Is it supported Dell laptops windows 10 OS? EliteNote APP.

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    Nice project

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