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    Looking for a private lender

    My name is Roger, im a 37 tear old economist from Maracaibo, Venezuela currently looking for private lender(s) to fully fund my ecommerce websites project, looking forward for a $10,000 loan for at least 24 months (i can accept 36 motnhs) period and willing accept a 7.5% intrests rate (i could accept more depending on conditions and loan amount).

    My project is based on a 12 month budget taking into account premium/paid tools and services needed to maximize the chances of success, im not talking about just one ecommerce website, i plan on having 2 or 3 websites up and running, professional looking and fully funcional in approximately 6 to 9 months but the first one will be up and running in less than 1 month and i will spend a big chunk of the budget building up quality and organic traffic mostly based on content, blog posting, guest blogging, social media marketing, forums, newsletters, email marketing, etc., this is where im going to be spending most of the time and money for the first 3-6 months, after that i while i would have a decent/solid email list i can start adding a couple of complementary ecommerce website related to the one, this way to "anchor" their growed based on the first one.

    Below is a draft of my 12-month plan budget for this project and a repayment proposal..

    I dont expect to generate revenue within the first 6 months of this project, i do however intent to repay the loan from the first month and every month. In the case the results surpasses the expections they will be used to re-invest in other premium/paid tools/services needed to fully feed and develop the sole foundations of the project and strengthen it moving forward to the future, tools/services such as marketing agencies to handle certain aspects of the busness such as SEO/SEM for example.

    After the 6th month i expect the main site to be fully madure and with large enough traffic to generate at least $5,000 a month in net profits and also with the expectation of it to continue to grow month after month. On the 12th month, i expect to have at least 3 sites kicking in for at least $10,000 a month in net profit globally.

    I rather not discuss in detail what are the ecommerce websites i have in mind about, prefer discussing that with potential lenders (Via PMs) so any non-potential lender please abstain to contact me just for the sake to pry, thanks in advance.

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    Do you sell international? or keep products on hand in the United States by chance? If so than we at kickfurther may be able to help you out, especially once you are more established. If not than good luck either way!

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