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    Hi everyone,

    We have uploaded the pnp files of 12Realms: Dungeonland on the website we built for this project :

    The demo includes only part of the game. It is just to see the basic mechanics of it. The complete game will include campaign mode, campaign quest that you can play in 60', arena mode played in a tavern and a variety of scenarios. Until we launch the campaign on Kickstarter, early Spring next year, here is the Convention's program, where the game will be demoed and it is a chance for those who are interested to play it.

    13 to 15 JAN 2017 --> AnimoreCon, Baltimore, Maryland
    13 to 15 JAN 2017 --> MarsCon, Williamsburg, Virginia
    13 to 16 JAN 2017 --> BryceCon, Bryce Canyon City, Utah
    28 JAN 2017 --> Mini Mace, Asheville, North Carolina
    03 to 05 FEB 2017 --> CaptainCon, Warwick, Rhode Island
    20 to 26 FEB 2017 --> PrezCon Winter Nationals, Charlottesville, Virginia
    23 to 26 FEB 2017 --> TotalCon, Mansfield, Massachusetts
    24 to 26 FEB 2017 --> MystiCon, Roanoke, Virginia
    02 to 05 MAR 2017 --> SaltCon, Layton, Utah
    04 to 05 MAR 2017 --> Terminal City, Vancouver, BC, Canada
    18 to 19 MAR 2017 --> Lantasy, Victoria, BC, Canada
    24 to 26 MAR 2017 --> Mace West, Asheville, North Carolina
    24 to 26 MAR 2017 --> Marmalade Dog, Kalamazoo, Michigan

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    That is some killer artwork! Well done!

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    Where can I purchase?

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    WoW, this look very well! Really like it

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    T Shirt Business Startup

    First of all, let me introduce myself, My name is Greg Novak. I'm a 35 year old father of 4 and a full time student at the University Of Phoenix online campus. I am going for my Bachelors degree in Information Technology. Over the years, I watched hours of videos and read countless books, teaching myself Photoshop, illustrator, gimp, and others along with buying apps for my IOS device to help with my graphic design projects. I have 5 plus years experience with photo manipulation software. I also have 6 years sales/production experience with online eCommerce sites such as Amazon, Ebay, and Etsy. My kids came up with a great idea, they said, "Dad, you should make shirts". I said you guys are crazy! I slept on it and thought to myself, this would be a lucrative business and most of all, fun! Here is my Kickstarter campaign.

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    Wizard of Oz is the best!

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