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    [Board Games]12 Realms - Dungeonland Kickstarter - MAGE Company (Coming October 2016)

    MAGE Company continues expanding 12 Realms and a new world is under development and will be launched on Kickstarter early 2017. 12 Realms was originally designed as a co-operative fantasy game where known heroes fight against the Dark Lords who invader the Realms. After the first campaign (check here), more follow expanding the base game, adding new characters, scenarios, components, mechanics, building a new world: Ancestors Legacy, Ghost Town, and Bedtime Story.

    12 Realms: Dungeonland expands the fairytale world. Thatís a new standalone game, a dungeon crawling game where powerful magic has mutated the lands of the 12 realms, invading on their tales and attempting to change them forever. Evil spreads everywhere, twisting and mixing the tales in sinister stories where the ending is never good. Horrific villains have come back for their revenge on the Heroes of the tales, this time more dangerous than ever. The source of this magic is unknown and yet whispers of an ancient evil spread through the lands. The once green fields and lush forests are now dark and dead as nothing grows anymore and all the beauty of the realms is gone. With more tales being affected by the dark magic every day the heroes of the tales combine their powers to save the 12 realms and banish this evil once and for all. 12 Realms: Dungeonland is a strategic dungeon crawl game for 2-4 players.

    (Below - Playable Character, Red Riding Hood's model preview)

    The players take on the roles of famous folklore characters like Little Riding Hood and Prince Charming, each with a unique ability, attempting to travel across the tales and stop the great villains that have returned by dark magic to change their endings to bad ones and cast the realms into eternal darkness. In their quest to fight the great evil the heroes will be faced with great challenges including completing daring objectives and facing off against great evil. To face these daring challenges the heroes will have at their disposal powerful weapons, skills and ancient magic. They will travel across many tales gathering clues about the source of this mysterious evil, while fighting for their lives in stunning tiles, using a unique combat system featuring a set of completely custom dice. Through their adventures the heroes will gather experience, hone their skills or acquire new ones, using a very innovative skill tree system offering tons of customization and options, collect gold and find powerful artifacts to aid them against the foul magic that has spread through the lands.

    (Below - Event cards can manipulate the flow of the game)

    The heroes will face strong Villains and their minions with a new A.I. system that allows the bosses to react to certain circumstances while utilizing amazing abilities that will challenge the heroes might and resourcefulness. Offering a clean and easy to learn system while having deep strategic decisions and a ton of replayability makes 12 Realms: Dungeonland the perfect game for new and experienced gamers alike. The battle for the 12 realms has just begun and yet the time grows short as more and more tales are being corrupted by this foul magic. Will the heroes be able to find the source behind it and stop it before itís too late, or will the tales be lost forever into twisted evil versions of themselves?

    (Below - Custom dice provide a very unique game play)

    Stay Tuned for more weekly updates!!

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    I really like that Little Red Hood sculpt, I think I might back this when it launches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan30 View Post
    I really like that Little Red Hood sculpt, I think I might back this when it launches.
    Awesome! PM me your email address if you'd like to be put on the mailing list for when it gets closer!

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    As promised, here’s our second weekly update for the game! Not too wordy, just a bunch of awesome pictures and previews of what’s to come, and most importantly more models!!!

    Last week we gave you an early look at one of our heroes, Little Red Riding Hood so let’s follow that up with a one of her companions:

    First up, we have Grumpy Dwarf ready for battle. He doesn’t look too happy, and who could blame him with all of these baddies around?

    Speaking of baddies, before moving onto our next hero take a look at this bandit sculpt.

    Also, here are some images of just a few of our Dungeonland baddies’ cards.

    Last of the model previews, but certainly not least we have the magic man himself, The Wizard of Oz!

    Please feel free to discuss, and also shoot me a PM with your email address if you’d like to be added to a mailing list when the kickstarter get’s ready to launch!

    Until next week.

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    Looks pretty sweet

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    Wow this is looking great, very professional!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kroge View Post
    Wow this is looking great, very professional!
    Thank you very much!

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    Yet another update for you guys and gals!

    This week we have...


    From the dark forests and high cold mountains to the deep dungeons and dark tower cellars in the world of 12 Realms there is always adventure lurking in the corner. In 12 Realms: Dungeonland games are played on maps consisting of a number of tiles forming what is called “The Dungeon”. These tiles will depict beautiful artwork and bring the world of 12 Realms to life like never before by giving the players an amazing feeling of exploration and adventure.

    In the base set the double-tiles will feature stunning artwork, with the dark forest on one side and the various dungeons of the dark tower on the other. Heroes will travel through these tiles facing great challenges and moving towards their goals. Maps in 12 Realms: Dungeonland are all generated using the Exploration System. Heroes begin their adventures on the starting tile of its adventure and every time they move off a tile an exploration card is drawn from the pile showing the players which tile to use to expand their dungeon. Then the players connect the tile to the existing ones and move forward to face whatever perils it may hold. Each tile can be connected in more than one way to the existing tiles, giving the players many options and almost certainly guarantying that no dungeon will ever be the same.

    On each adventure heroes will only use the one side of the tiles appropriate to their current location. With many different tiles for each side, dungeons will be unique, allowing for unlimited replayability. With further expansions adding more tiles and new locations the world of 12 Realms will come to life with the heroes travelling far and wide to defend their land against the evil that threatens it.
    __________________________________________________ __________


    The Arena will take place in a Tavern
    In 12 Realms: Dungeonland good and evil sometimes get a little mixed and if you pour in a few bad spells the brew might be jinxed. A time comes for all 12 Realms where heroes must prove their worth, affected by an evil curse they fight against their oath. In the Dark Arena our heroes are gathering for the night, which will determine once and for all who gives the mightiest fight.

    In Arena mode for 12 Realms: Dungeonland heroes fight against each other in a big double-sided arena tile to prove their power over all others. Arena is played over a series of rounds and offers 2 types of battles:

    1. Free For All (FFA): Heroes will fight each other again and again while gaining more and more gear and abilities until the final round were the winner will be determined and claim the title of the Arena Champion.

    2. Team Play (TP): Up to 4 teams of heroes fight each other for several rounds while gaining glory and gear trying to defeat their opponents and become the great Arena Champions.

    In Arena heroes fight each other fiercely while monsters invade and deadly traps spawn all over the place. Arena uses the same system as both Campaign and Epic Quest modes so players won’t have to learn but a small amount of extra rules and some unique actions available only to Arena mode. In order to win in the dark arena, heroes will have to use all of the abilities at their disposal while thinking how to outplay their opponent and perhaps lure them into a nasty trap. Traps in Arena feature a unique set of cards which determines where a trap will be spawned on the map catching the heroes’ off-guard, sometimes helping them defeat their opponents while others ruining their plans.

    Heroes will be able to advance and customize their characters with different skills and equipment every time with tons of options at their disposal while different rewards will be given for different playstyles rewarding players for different styles of play. Future expansions will also feature Arena leagues where players fight with the same group of heroes over multiple games of 12 Realms: Dungeonland Arena with unique skills, events and activities giving amazing and variety to character customization and depth to the gameplay. The odds are high in 12 Realms: Dungeonland - Arena and the greatest heroes will clash for supremacy inside its deadly grounds.
    And now for the part you actually came here for, more pictures! Some better shot-by-shot images of the models, and some samples of the dungeon tiles as well.

    Wizard of Oz


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    Grumpy Dwarf


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    Dungeon Tiles

    And that's all I've got for ya this week. Take care everyone, and remember to shoot me a message if you would like to be added to our Dungeonland E-Mailing list!

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