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    Its TIME! - A Classic Point and Click Adventure Game

    Howdy Travelers,

    We are happy to announce that our crowdfunding campaign for "It's TIME" is live now. "It's TIME" is a point & click adventure game filled with unique puzzles with cool isometric low poly art style. As you will be playing the role of the lead operative in a shadowy government organization, youll be travelling back in time completing different missions and objectives. Every mission is unique, and you could be doing anything from analyzing an event, to actually messing around with them and changing the past! Check the campaign page for more info about the game.


    Yellow Star Games: We are a bunch of Indie geeks who always wanted to explore and create something new. It's been a great experience for us working on this project so far and we would love to continue to bring this out for your guys because It's time to make this a reality. It can only be possible with all your support! We hope you all like "It's TIME"!


    Thank you for letting us post here and reading this. We really wanted your support. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to leave it here below or in our website

    Twitter - @yellowstargames
    Yo all have a great day!
    Team "Yellow Star Games"

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    i haven't checked the link, but as per your descriptive matter, i can guess that it is awesome and creative game.

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    Thanks for the kind words and please do check the link when you get time, because people like you, who might be interested can only make this project successful. We receive lots of likes and great comments but the campaign is lit but slow. This is our dream. So please check the campaign and support us if you like this project is worth. Only our indie community can help people like us (a small startup who fighting to produce a good game.)

    Thanks and have a great day!
    Team "Yellow Star Games"

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    Loved the video, consider backing it up! Would be cool if you added some gameplay stuff there, people love that.

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    Thanks @ulnastorn, We are currently polishing a mission's gameplay and should be out for public soon. Here is another quick/ work in progress mission (a different one), a part of a mission just for the backers to understand the quality, camera angle and animation stlyes -

    NOTE: We have very special offer (Surprise Perk) for the early backers (only for few early backer) and you will love it if you know what it is. Don't miss it.

    Thanks for the reply and have a nice day!!
    Team "Yellow Star Games"

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    Here it is guys! A Special Perk, only limited numbers available. It won't be available for all, just use the below link to check out the first perk

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    Looks intriguing. What game engine are you guys using?

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    Hey @korporeal_games, Thanks and we use Unity.
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    "It's TIME to make this a reality"

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    Really cool!


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    Here is the link for a playable quick demo of It's TIME -’s TIME - Demo.exe?dl=0

    Have fun!

    Thanks and have a great day!
    Team “Yellow Star Games”
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    "It's TIME to make this a reality"

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