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    Quote Originally Posted by bsnbsn9 View Post
    As somebody who was raised on point and click, this looks promising. Looking forward to seeing even more of the gameplay.
    Quote Originally Posted by __heck View Post
    Cool, best luck.
    Thanks guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by pathrunner View Post
    Just a bit of marketing help for you.

    I would reach out to a ton of YouTube gamers ASAP and ask them to do a video on your game. As you probably don't have the money to drop on them up front, I would offer them a % of your sales with a larger % after goal. I would blast contact everyone on Twitch, youtube, and Twitter. Your goal is small enough that it should be achievable even with one good player pimping it. Just make sure you make it so everyone who backs says which gamer sent you there. Don't be too greedy in the number of people you get or you will end up in a logistics nightmare.
    Thanks @pathrunner

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    @lookingfor I don't know what you're doing here, but thanks
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    Love the idea tho, any update on this project?
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