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    Cool The Crowdfunding Industry Landscape is Changing in a Big Way.

    The goal is simple: I co-founded Crowd Invest Summit with my partners Alon Goren and Darren Marble to empower the NewEconomy by creating a high-quality conference and expo series that educates startups and companies about the new possibilities of raising capital from the crowd. We want to empower more companies to get funded and more Americans to invest in the American dream of building a successful business and actually owning a slice of the success story they help to create.

    Since the implementation of the new crowdfunding laws, non-accredited investors (97% of Americans) can now legally become equity investors in companies and real estate deals under the new Crowdfunding Exemptions "Reg CF" and "Reg A+" of the JOBS Act which was signed into law by President Obama in 2012.

    This is a huge opportunity for small business firms who account for 64% of jobs created in this country but mostly find it exceptionally difficult to raise capital from traditional sources.

    Qualified companies can now use the new exemptions to go public under "Regulation A+", also called "Mini IPO", a much more affordable alternative to traditional IPOs. Successful examples include Elio Motors and Brewdog, who are very successfully tapping into an investor pool that didn't exist a couple of years ago to raise tens of millions of dollars.

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    Yes, it is great that Americans who are non-accredited investors now have the opportunity to invest in equity Crowdfunding campaigns. Because of the high risk involved with equity Crowdfunding, would it be a good idea to start investing using equity Crowdfunding? Where can Americans get the right guidance for choosing these startups to invest in? Also, what is the percent of people that are successful when investing in Crowdfunding? I know these are hard questions, but they are things that I would consider before handing over my money as an investor.
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