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    Post The Benefits of Crowdfunding

    Whether your passion is film, design, technology or social causes, there’s a path to launch on Indiegogo.
    Crowdfunding brings a ton of benefits to the entrepreneurs who use it, whether you’re looking to raise funds for your latest venture or gather helpful feedback from potential customers and backers.
    How designers, filmmakers, and entrepreneurs of all types have crowdfunded successful projects?
    1. Funding
    Every idea requires resources to become a reality. Before crowdfunding, entrepreneurs faced a long and difficult road to secure funding. Their options included applying for a small business loan, searching for grants, pitching venture capitalists, borrowing money from family members and friends or tapping into their savings. Crowdfunding, however, provides a method to obtain the funds needed to launch an idea quickly and with the support of an engaged community.
    2. Validation
    Many successful entrepreneurs have leveraged their market validation on Indiegogo to make a bigger product debut down the line. Venture capitalists monitor crowdfunding platforms as a strategy for identifying novel projects with big potential. In the case of Jibo, the crowdfunding campaign introduced its unique “social robot” concept to an audience of venture capitalists and angel investors. Jibo not only raised $3.7 million during its crowdfunding campaign, it went on to raise $16 million in Series A funding from RRE Ventures.
    3. Market Insights
    The traditional path from concept to market is time consuming and expensive. Crowdfunding is often a more efficient way to gather feedback and find valuable marketing insights. In many cases, insights from fans around the world help innovators to refine their ideas, think through their strategies and go to market with solutions that make a bigger impact.
    4. Marketing & Awareness
    Crowdfunding introduces ideas to fans around the globe, exponentially growing the market potential for any campaign. A single idea or concept can spread like wildfire, sometimes in mere minutes, with thoughtful marketing and an engaged audience. The Solar Roadways crowdfunding campaign attracted 49,000 backers and landed on the largest stage in the country when President Obama mentioned the project in his 2015 State of the Union Address.

    P.S. I am sharing this article because I want to help to the people build their life through startups, make world better. It's like the program to save the Earth from global warming, but in our case we are saving our economy world which has impact on our life!

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    The best thing in the world

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    You have shared great benefits of crowdfunding here. Crowdfunding can help whether you’re looking to fund your project, prove a concept, share your idea or bring change to the world.

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    You shared such an amazing post. Thanks a lot. It was useful

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