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    I think you missed one important thingm- crowdfunding is FUN and accessable to everyone (on both the creator and backer sides)

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    Crowdfunding benefits everyone involved. Individuals, organizations and startups have gained the ability to raise funds to work on new and interesting projects where there simply wasn't a common place in existence prior. This means that many more creative, innovative and charitable projects get introduce to the world everyday because of crowdfunding. Contributors often get rewards for their monetary contributions; however, for many projects I don't believe this is the primary benefit. Contributors often gain a certain connection to the projects they fund, both a connection to the individuals/organizations/companies they fund and to the projects that they back. Of course the crowdfunding platform owners benefit from crowdfunding. Crowdfunding platform companies often take a fee from the total amount raised of each crowdfunding campaign on their site. I work for a white label crowdfunding software company that provides clients with the ability to easily build and manage their own crowdfunding platforms. A lot of different crowdfunding websites have launched over the last few years because there are so many different opportunities to create more concentrated crowdfunding platforms.

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