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    Help me become a great, female scienist

    I'm a graduate student and researcher in biomedicine. I've been awarded with great opportunity: to go abroad and learn form the best scientist in my field. Unfortunately it all happened so fast and I can't afford travel expenses. This opportunity can change my entire life. Becoming a scientist is my biggest dream and my greatest passion. Please, I really need help... or a Christmas miracle

    If you can't donate, please share this with your friends.

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    Women in Stem.. you are awesome .. Good Luck

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    I tried my best but we still heaven't raised anything. Please, help her - let's make a christmas miracle! She's losing all hope, share and donate, please! She doesn't need much!

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    Don't give up, I am trying to raise money myself to get my daughter back into science camp. Women are so unrepresented in STEM fields

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    is there an update on this? I am assuming the deadline has passed but if this is still active I will be more than happy to pass it along.

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    I hope you get your Christmas miracle soon

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    All done! What is the update?

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