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    Building up a mailing list before launching

    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking to launch my Kickstarter campaign next month, but before I launch, I want to build a mailing list. From what I've read, most campaigns that get successfully funded within the first 24 hours already have a huge mailing list that's anticipating the launch.

    In order to build up this mailing list, I've created this app which allows people to win free bracelets They simply sign up, refer to friends and as friends start signing up, they start winning bracelets.

    I now need to start sharing this link, would anyone know where would be a good place to post this? I'm considering fashion forums, reddit, going to play around with facebook ads. Also, reddit is very tricky, they have so many rules! I'm not very keen on posting in freebies because I might attract the wrong crowd. My ideal crowd would be fashion.

    If any one know any good fashion forums/relevant sites, please let me know! Any suggestions would be much appreciated Thanks in advance.

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    I'm also in the process of building my mailing list. I've failed my first Kickstarter campaign because I didn't do any pre-launch marketing. Now I'm gonna build up my audience before launching my campaign again.

    At the moment, I'm trying out the Facebook ad and started posting on Instagram too. For Instagram, if you have pretty pictures and use the popular hashtags, it is quite easy to attract people's attention. Whether that will divert people to your signup page, that is another story.

    Just try out everything and see what works best for you. My next step is trying to get bloggers, media to do article. At the end of the day, the big media people have hundred thousands of followers. I think getting one article by a reputable media is 100x more effective than any advertisement from an unknown brand.

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    Aw, I'm sorry to hear that but I'm glad you are launching again. You know it's all a strategy - you launch a campaign, get fully funded as soon as possible, kickstarter notices that your project has lots of interest, they feature you on a page with high traffic (kickstarters we love etc) and from there, your funding just skyrockets. That's why it's very important to have lots of support as soon as you launch. What are you working on?

    Yes, I'm using instagram, but getting people to sign up is still tricky. And yes, I'm emailing lots of bloggers too, they charge extortionate fees, so might be better to contact slightly less influential bloggers who have good engagement and work with them. Also, going to start emailing media outlets but that's a tricky one, need to show them that people are writing about my project ie there's a story to my brand. Social proof some would say. I'll let you know how I get on

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    How long is it taking you to develop an adequate list and how large a list do you think is adequate?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kbroemotionres View Post
    How long is it taking you to develop an adequate list and how large a list do you think is adequate?
    Of course the bigger the list, the better, but it really comes down to your risk appetite. I didn't build a list on my first attempt, which i believe is the main reason of failure. So for my second attempt, I will only relaunch when I get a list long enough to fulfill majority of the funding goal.

    Also, I read that if you get massive number of backers on day 1, there is a better chance of ranking higher on the popularity/projects we love list, which will give your campaign a better traction.

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    I think the size of the list depends on how much you want to raise!

    I would only count maybe 5-10% of your list actually back you (or even less).

    Building the list is taking forever, I just started this week (but everyone's off on christmas!!) I think I'm the only one working.

    I think once I target the right bloggers/influencers, the list could grow by thousands of people overnight.

    I don't think there's a special formula, only if you can find the right people (influencers/bloggers/magazines) and you can get them to write about you asap. I'm still working on this, I'll keep you guys updated.

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    wonderful ideas here

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