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    Creating an Email list for the Pre-Launch of your Campaign is vital!!

    Here is an article that I wrote on how to create an Email List for the Pre-Launch of your CrowdFunding Campaign, that will hopefully help a lot of you out. Conversion rates from emails are much higher than that of Social media, so it is essential that you start building your list before you launch your campaign. If you generate a substantial amount of backers on the launching day of your campaign, other backers will see that you have credibility. If you have credibility, your are much more likely to get that donation from your potential backer.

    Below is a link to my blog article:

    Let me know if you created an email list for your campaign. I am always open to positive feedback.
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    Totally agree this is absoloutely vital. I have created a few campaingns and it get easier every time because I can re-use some of my existing email lists for new projects (in accordance with Kickstarter rules etc)

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