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    I read somewhere on Reddit that there are a lot of 'influencers' that are just promoting crowdfunding campaigns to their audiences, but I can't find them anywhere. Any tips on how to reach those people?

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    To get an influencer on board will undoubtedly help a campaign - but unless you're connected or in the know it's a tough thing to pull off. So if you want to directly connect with influencer use Social platform twitter. Start following, re-tweeting their tweets & Like. sometime you can mention them with your crowd funding tweet to get their attention by this way u can gain trust of influencer.

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    yes Kickstarter is the great platform which is worth for spending money $1000 to promote business.

    You must go on without getting confused.

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    The key point is to find the relevant and the most effective (I don’t mean follower size) influencer for your brand. Influencer Marketing has been evolved; you don’t have to spend big budgets to do it. You can simply allocate a small budget and try the process, if you have never tried it. Please don’t expect too much from this trial.

    Make your media plan. Influencer marketing planning is very similar to media planning. Think each one of them as a different channel to reach to your potential customers. So, you have to be in an long term relationship with them to know them better. More you know each other, more exposure you will get.

    Consider micro-influencers. Think of your budget. High or low, you don’t want to spend all of your money to one account. If you have a high budget, try to find two or three macro-influencers to create a buzz, then find 10–15 micro-influencers to use the engagement of them. The real exposure comes from micro’s, because they are more engaged with their audience.

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    If you can agree on terms that are mutually beneficial I would say you have a better chance of making it a win-win situation.

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