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    Thank you! We are nearly funded! Please help us that little extra to start production!

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    We nearly funded. Please give us the lucky ass kick to rich our goal!

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    We just lowered some of the rewards prices. Everyone are welcome to jump into the last wagon!

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    95% baby! Cmon!

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    100% Funded! Thank you all who backed us!

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    Who wants to know our heartbreaking story?

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    Congrats on getting funded! The game looks fun, and the art design is really cute.

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    Awesome card game! I defiantly want to play this with my friends!

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    Looks like a super fun card game! Congratulations on hitting your goal

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    I am looking for a card game crowdfunding project manager. I'm handling the product development but now need a person to manage the community build, PR, launch, campaign management. Referrals appreciated via,

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