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    Knock Knock!
    Who is there? Raccoon Madness Game!

    A Tabletop Card Game of KGB-Agents and Poker Stars,
    where you should Lie, Cheat and Steal!
    Switch tactics and follow your own strategy to win![/size]

    This game was created by three friends.

    We have been inspired by Tim Burtons art, old USSR game and Texas Holdem Poker.

    Every day we have to decide whether to tell the truth or to tell a lie;
    sometimes we are afraid of being deceived and we feel ashamed whenever we are caught in a lie.
    To train our intuition and to enhance our emotion reading skills in a fun environment,
    we have created “Raccoon Madness Game”.

    Follow us on


    With mad love,
    - Yulia(Yum), Didi and Serg

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    Any comments are more then welcome! Especially critics

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    5 hours down we are 25% funded! Keep up the good work! Nice!

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    Good Morning World! We ready for some more updates!

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    50% in less then a day!

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    75% after Live Stream! Nice!

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    Adorable art style, looks like a great game! Very reasonable price too, will need to add it to my tabletop collection.

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    Thank you for a kind words, we put our soul and lots of effort in it. Hope you like!!!

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    This looks amazing!

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