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    Good Crowdfunding Shipping Service

    Here's a shipping service with some great benefits: It's called FIMS 'FedEx International Mail Service'

    It's a FedEx air shipping service. It delivers packages to local post offices from a FedEx aircraft, which the P.O. then delivers.

    Cheap, with an added bonus it minimizes duty and custom fees on overseas deliveries.

    How cheap? Here's one seller's experience shipping his product:

    - USPS - $13.75
    - FIMS - $4.00

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    You can try these guys as they have handled logistics for a few crowdfunding campaign creators already:
    Shane Liddell
    Smart Crowdfunding LLC
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    This post has been moved to the General Crowdfunding Questions + Discussion section.

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    Someone actually recommended floship to me. But I am yet to try them out. Seeing it again here kinda sounds it louder in my ears.

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