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    How much money does it cost to list your company on an equity crowdfunding portal?

    How much money does it cost to list your company on an equity crowdfunding portal, Any Idea?

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    Since there are multiple questions here, I‘ll try to answer them in the order written.

    The cost starts at $5,000 for a Regulation CF raise for upfront legal and accounting fees. On Wefunder, the platform doesn't charge any upfront fees, so the only remaining cost is the production cost of your campaign assets (video, graphics, and copy).

    For a Regulation D raise the upfront costs are only your campaign production costs (video, graphics, and copy) if you use template forms and don’t hire an attorney to customize them.

    The production costs are upfront and can be minimized by shooting the video yourself and using internal resources (if they exist) for graphic design, page design and copywriting (which I don’t recommend unless you have a creative team in-house).

    The bulk of the costs usually is marketing costs once you launch your campaign because you need traffic to be directed to your page to get investors. This usually ends up being 5% to 8% of the raise if you have a successful campaign that converts.

    There are various marketing strategies you can employ when driving traffic from no cost ones that require the time investment to paid once that run on their own such as digital ads. You pay the marketing costs as you go if you are managing them or upfront if you are using a third party. it may run from $5,000-$10,000 to $50,000 -$75,000 based on the target raise amount.

    Good luck!

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