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    Kickstarter live and how it works?

    Hi I recently started a kickstarter campaign for my dads new product. I've spread the word everywhere I could except for forums. So now I'm reaching out for help and advice. I guess going live is a new feature that kickstarter has. I want to use it to its full potential this weekend since we have a booth at the Detroit Boat Show. The kickstarter campaign is still under review but if it doesn't go through by tomorrow I am going to just bypass the processing part. If anyone has ever gone live before on kickstarter please drop some comments/advice on how it went. Where did it go right? Where did it go wrong? What would you have done differently?

    Here is the kickstarter link to if anyone wants to check it out and give me feedback. Always willing to learn and educate myself on this. We have a nice team dedicated to working on this product and i just want us to be prepared for everything.

    Thank you

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    Interesting. Once you perfect this, maybe you can come up with different versions. For example, I have a problem with birds on top of my house. Maybe you can design something that is similar in operation that I could attach to the top of my house. I don't know if there is a market for this use but I would be interested in purchasing something like that.

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    Looks pretty interesting too. The thing is, it looks useful but the page is a bit of a mess (sorry to be direct). I think you need to hire a graphic designer to tidy it up a bit better, so this means refining the photos by making them look more professional and improving the diagrams.

    Things like a time-glass aren't needed, but what is needed is more about your story, the benefits, the places you used it, safety reports and references from people (preferably sites) that have already tested it out.

    You're also targeting Kickstarter backers who have a boat already, not sure how many there are. But a low cost of $79, trying to raise $21,500 is pretty huge and needs alot of backers. Also, remove the ($49) tshirt, it's not needed.

    Hope these comments can help your father.
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