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    My adventure game "Reality Incognita" on Indiegogo

    Hello my fellow crowdfunders, I am Evgenie and I recently started a campaign on Indiegogo.
    Why not Kickstarter? Because I live in Israel, and alas I can't use it.

    I am developing a video game, an adventure video game to be precise.

    It's named "Reality Incognita" and its quite unique. It merges modern graphics with old-style controls, but it also combines two so different genres as Horror and Comedy.

    The game is about a young girl, who finds herself on the spaceship, moving to unknown destination. A mysterious enemy is hunting her and also trying sabotage the very ship. There are many dangers and trials that protagonist must pass in order to survive, succeed and find the truth.

    Please help us get funded, or at least share my link.

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    how did it go?

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    oh, i can see now.. good luck next time

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    Ahh, It did not get funded. Any update to this project?
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    I already forgot about this thread, good that I got an email.
    The project development goes on, there is an Alpha available as early access, for low price. I plan to release Beta, also with partial content, and low price, by end of April. And the full version, hopefully, will be released by the end of the year.

    And for my own money.

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