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    (YouCaring) Urgently Need Help For My Girlfriend - Dialysis, Med and Lab Expenses

    Hi All,

    My name is Arjay Nacion. I am from Manila, Philippines.

    Last February 7, my girlfriend Myrgille Viluan was rushed to the hospital. She had cargionenic shock.
    Her heart weakened to 19% ejection fraction rate. Her lungs were dilated and filled with fluids. She had complications with liver and kidneys.

    After a few hours in the ER, she was admitted to the ICU of the Hospital. She spent almost two weeks in the ICU. Taking dialysis almost every day and medicines prescribed were so expensive that in an average, we are spending Php 10,000 (~$200) for medicines alone. Dialysis costs Php 5000.00 (~$100) and the blood units amounting to Php 6,000.00 (~$120). Take also into consideration Php 2500.00 per day for her mechanical ventilator and daily costs for the ICU and other hospital charges like laboratory tests. Because of this, I created an online fundraising campaign for her in YouCaring - - for the reason that her family can't afford the expensive treatment and I also am at my limit of what I can give financially.

    Lucikly, 2 days ago, she undergone weaning from the mechanical ventilator and she's been extubated. Today, February 19, 2017, she's out of the ICU and is recovering in the medicine ward of the hospital.

    Her fight is not over though as we are still in need of funds to support her dialysis, medicines and lab tests. Because of this, I am reaching out to everyone who would read this, please help us. Even the smallest donation can make a big difference.

    Thank You So Much!

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    You don't support Philippines?


    I clicked on your url but it says you don't support Philippines at the moment.

    Quote Originally Posted by donatewealth View Post
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