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    Here you go Mike. I appreciate any exposure

    Cable Label - You Tube video:

    Kickstarter Campaign:

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    Jun 2017
    I'm definitely interested, check out my Dick Clothes campaign!

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    Hello ,

    Here is my project:
    YouTube Kickstarter Video:

    Thank you for this opportunity!

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    What is your Youtube channel? Will be interested once we have a video!

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    Hey! I'm a newbie to this forum, saw info about it on Thought it wouldn't hurt to out different avenues to get our campaign going to reach our goal.

    Yes, would definitely be interested in being included if possible.

    My campaign is at

    Promo video:

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    That is great. I am interested. How long do we have to send it?

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    Nice info, I like it

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    Hi Mike,

    Newbie here also in need of exposure. I hope you can feature us Feel free to message us with any questions

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    Brain Controlled Videogames that help improve Focus:

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