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    Would love to learn more about your YouTube page. We are starting to create content in the vr360 style. But we’re also creating projects in hopes to raise funds

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    Hi we have a crowdfunder for our comic and collectible store in Carlisle cumbria, we are self funded and could use any help we can get we are hoping to get our online store up and running and already have our suppliers but mainly we are needing financial help with expanding our product range and adding more to the shop. We are also hoping to expand our reach nationwide in terms of delivery and variety and attending conventions as a retailer, Any help would be immensely appreciated .

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    Hi, my campaign just went live and I would be interested

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    Hi is this offer still valid? Thanks

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    We recently started Indiegogo campaign!

    #1 What is your product?
    POSTWORLD is a mixture of hurricane shooter, hardcore souls-like slasher and contemplative post apocalyptic survival gameplay with a multi-path role-playing system and a non-linear plot.

    The game events take place in 2120, after a lengthy period of civilization’s gradual collapse has resulted in a nuclear war. Several factions are savagely striving for survival throughout the dead wastelands, and the player character threads his way between them, all while trying to escape from agents of the mysterious Corporation hunting his down.

    The development has been being done by a small indie studio Screwdriver Entertainment, supported by the community, for 2 years already. The game has been done for about 75% so far. All of it has taken us 2 years and approximately 20 000$.

    #2 How does it work?
    The game. You play it and get fun

    #3 Why is yours better than your competitor's?
    We feel there is a few new postapocalyptic games coming out. We want to give player hardcore postapocalyptic experience by default.

    Our Indiegogo page:

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