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    I don't think so.

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    Crowdfunding platform as a concept itself is exactly the same as a stock exchange.

    There are only 4 differences between crowdfunding and stock exchanges:

    1) Crowdfunding platforms are for smaller businesses, stock exchanges for medium and large size
    2) Crowdfunding is much less regulated and the paperwork is much easier to handle (no prospectus etc.)
    3) Crowdfunding currently has somehow different investor base: enthusiasts and people who have never invested a penny in stock exhange (mainly because they find it very interesting and with high social value to support small businesses and startups) versus stock exchanges, where thare are huge involvment of institutional investors and middle class in countries, where investments in stock exchanges are huge part of their retirement plan, i.e. USA.
    4) Stock exchanges are just market organizers, crowdfunding platforms are like agents - you believe in them and hope they bring only the best startups to their platform.

    In essence, equity crowdfunding and stock exchange is the same thing. Take a look and NASDAQ Private Markets in USA or Euronext in Europe. It is just a matter of how this process is regulated. Theoretically there should be no problem to develop a pan-European stock exchange for small businesses (they already exist but are not very effective, i.e. Junior Exchanges).

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    I think they are just two different bodies that can exist independently of each other because they serve different audience.

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    No, but they will have two different audience.

    Stock exchange can be affected by big companies greatly. You may study about stocks for a long time, but you may still not be able to get money back based on your knowledge. On the other hand, crowdfunding is easier to predict since big companies won’t have as much as influence as on the stocks. If you follow the news, understand what is going on in this industry, you will be able to know which field may become profitable in the future.

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