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    New Global Crowdfunding platform just launched and looking for projects

    Hey Community!

    I generally stick to reddit but I came across a platform about a year ago who claim to be the world's first two-stage crowdfunding platform, I've been following them ever since. Anyways, I love them and would love to see them succeed and thought I'd share them here to help em out. I just got the email saying they've launched and are offering up some really cool loot for launch projects. I mean they're offering commission free projects for launch, I think the first 20 or so are free?

    In my time within crowdfunding they've stood out to me and even won an award as being one of the top 50 crowdfunding brands from Onalytica EVEN before launching for their crowdfunding support. They're giving each project their own dedicated support representative/manager *insert catchy position name here*

    I feel that they really want to help progress platforms into an ecosystem, where the platform tackles all stages of crowdfunding. I just read today on the kickstarter subreddit them calling out for creators to come together and help them fight spam and fraudulent projects from the get go. That's a bit ambitious I feel but I love that as well and I hope you all will support them! In short they seem dedicated to crowdfunding and they've been dedicated to me and my continued questions with them. I've even seen them do case studies for projects not on their platform to help projects push more funding!

    Sorry I know I'm rambling now but it's nice to see a platform so dedicated coming into the industry and I hope you guys will help them out and give some support. They even have a community hub where you can come chat just like on here .

    Anyways, the link to their platform is

    I hope you like it!

    Cheers Loves!

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    Looks like an interesting new platform. I am impressed with their charity donations angle and hope they are successful. Two-stage funding model seems novel too.

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    Hmm, something about their website feels so clunky.

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    No clunkier than the others IMO. Seems thoughtfully laid out with some expected startup bugs that I'm sure they are working to resolve.

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    Thank you CrowdfundNerd for sharing this is definitely worth a look.

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