Hi Guys, this is the first time I'm creating a fund raising campaign . I ran out of ideas where should I turn to anymore , in such a desperate situation I hope someone willing to donate any amount of money . Perhaps people will probably thinking this story is fake but I shall just write out all my thoughts on online hoping someone will really help me out .

I emigrated to other countries to stay with my girlfriend , I used to have much cash in me but I didn't know how to cherish and I gave it to my girlfriend but she using the money doing drugs but she went to drug rehab and now living a normal life . Right now , we are really short of cash and my education is not high in desperate measure she went to work as prostitution to support the family . I have been trying to find jobs in here but no luck due to my knowledge of studies is not high , I just need some fund to open a shop in here and start life afresh so she won't have to work in this field of industry and focus on our business . I know is overboard to ask for cash from strangers , but I sincerely hope someone willing to help us to go through this hard time . If someone willing to contact me or anything , I willing to give you my contact to get in touch with you that I'm not using this funds for inappropriate stuff . Every donation in this campaign will help me a lot , my girlfriend didn't know I'm writing this right now because she went to work .. I'm really tired of being jobless and thinking about money everyday , I can save and shrimp only eat cup noodle a day just to save up any amount I have . I know her money is not easy to come by so I hopefully someone willing to help us and let us start afresh in life , I never ever look down on her because I know she doesn't want to work in this field of industry too . We have 2 dogs to feed and monthly bill payment is crashing hard on us , pardon my bad English .

Thank you so much for using a few minutes of your time to read this post , anybody willing to contact me can send me an email at ions2538@hotmail.com . People who are interested in investment in overseas please let me know too , I have a business idea that can earn profit for sure . As I was writing this as a man my tears still flowing because I feel that my girlfriend is working so hard for me .. I'm willing to provide all my details if needed to prove I'm not a fraud and you can contact me through email and get my contact number or even meet up . Thank You So Much , Please help me share .