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    Products from China

    I've seen a pattern:

    1. Person finds a cheap China product that is not too well known.
    2. Person takes it apart, and shows pics of it as the "prototype".
    3. Person does a campaign, posing as the originator of the product.
    4. Person then ships an injection molded, perfect product from China to the backers (even if the campaign was not enough money to pay for just the injection mold).

    You can always spot these products by the curvy lines of the product... impossible to make as a hand made prototype, gluing parts together.

    I'm all for marketing, and this does not bother me at all. It's just infomercial marketing from the 80's, using the web. But I thought it was against most (certainly KS) campaign rules.

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    Fidget devices, anyone?

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