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    Wish I had found this earlier!

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    I completely agree. A strong pre-launch is very important in order to gain a following and a list of potential backers. Collecting emails and contact information 30 day prior to launch can help in order to gain momentum as soon as your project goes live.

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    Solid post john. As I am closing in on my crowdfunding launch, I'm absorbing everything I can. Keep up the good work.

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    Really valuable point in #3. This is super important when establishing you social media strategy.

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    Very true, especially the battle starts so early on before the launching day of pre heating your target audiences, bloggers, media etc to make sure to get that 30% funded in a few days time.

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    1,Use of large amount of secondary information in your market research while lacking primary market research done by yourself.

    2,A strong believe the idea or product is a blast while ignoring the reaction of the market and the possibility of commercialization. In other word, too far from your customer.

    3,Poor presentation of product or presentation leaning too much to the tech side. Your idea or product has to be compelling to the audience. There are thousands of projects in the market, people are more interested in something that can catch their eyes, nobody wants to listen to a long lecture.

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